Message from an American student: “Wonderful! I’ll make the transfer within the next few days.


I’ll make the transfer within the next few days.

And to answer your question; I had google searched for current carbon trapping projects. One of the results I looked through was the Virgin Earth Challenge, in which your group happens to be a finalist. I looked through the finalists, and found your method of trapping or otherwise neutralizing carbon to have the greatest overall potential.

The simplicity of its use just might be the biggest thing going for it. I’m also pleased to see that the intention of actually reducing carbon in the atmosphere is sincere, and that the research your group has planned seems to be at least comprehensive enough to ensure that it works well. It’s all really exciting.

While I may not be able to help with funds anytime in the near future, I would love to contiune my support in one way or another. If your group needs any volunteers for projects I might be able to help with, please let me know.
I’m an American 23 year-old who holds a BA in Sociology, and you’re welcome to reach me here.”