The Foundation provides information on olivine applications and projects. It stimulates studies and promotes debate, dialogue and cooperation. National and international. The money for these activities comes from donations from individuals and companies. Earmarked contributions are also very welcome.

Our budget estimate (2021-2023):


  • information material, brochures, video material € 30.000
  • digital tools, presentations, website € 15.000
  • public relations, public affairs, media information per year € 20.000


  • pre-study CDM-certificate (Clean Development Mechanism) € 15.000
  • development of measurement techniques olivine-effect € 40.000


  • national meetings and conferences € 10.000
  • international travel & accommodation costs € 20.000

Projects The execution of large scale pilots needs far more funding. Read our initiatives here

Your financial help is more than welcome

Think about your grandchildren. They deserve a world in which CO2 is no longer a threat.

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Description: Olivine Foundation Donations

The Foundation does not receive any grants or subsidies from governments, all contributions from the private world are very much appreciated. In the Netherlands private gifts are income tax deductible because of our ANBI status.

As a Dutch “Public Benefit Organisation” we are obliged to make our Annual Report (in Dutch)

In 2019 the Foundation is set ‘on hold’ caused by a lack of funding and reserves. The only activities are the distribution of the Newsletter and the maintenance of the Website. Other information can be found in our Annual Reports (see above).