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Eureka – One stone to kill two birds

This brochure gives you a quick overview of our mission and goals.

Methods to capture CO2

This slideshow gives you information on methods to capture CO2 through weathering of olivine. This slideshow was presented by Prof. Dr. R.D. Schuiling at a conference in Hyderabad in November 2010.

Poppe de Boer & Olaf Schuiling
Utrecht University.
Questions put forward after the presentation in Petten on 19 October 2015, and answers can be found at the end


Hein ten Berge et al

Olivine Weathering in Soil, and its Effects on Growth and Nutrient Uptake in Ryegrass:

A pot experiment

Slides of a presentation at the Olivine seminar in Rotterdam (2012)

Francesc Montserrat et al

Enhanced Olivine Dissolution in Marine Coastal Environments:

Proxies and processes

Slides of a presentation at the Olivine seminar in Rotterdam (2012)

(No download permitted)

Rien Veldsink

The Use of Olivine in the Construction | the Netherlands:

Inspection Path along Railway Lines (by Movares)

The project was presented at the Olivine seminar in Rotterdam (2012)


Weathering Approaches (Enhanced) for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration for mitigation of climate change and ocean acidification by R.D.Schuiling.

(Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Springer Publishing (2013):

Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology – part A

Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology – part B

(for technical reasons the whole document is split in parts A and B)

A chef opening a cook book

Olaf Schuiling:  Recipes against climate change and ocean acidification

The story of many potential applications:


The Green Cookery book published in 2017 in dutch as “Olivijn – De Steen der Wijzen)

ISBN 978 90389 2573 8  NUR 930

Published by Uitgeverij Elmar BV Delft The Netherlands – 2017


This poster from our early days in 2008 is still up to date.

(Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Original poster 2008



Do you have little time? Choose our Flyer for a birds overview of the olivine solution and the objectives of the Olivine Foundation.

Downloads in Dutch

het Ei van COLUMBUS

Het Ei van Columbus

Deze brochure geeft u in vogelvlucht een overzicht van de missie en doelstellingen van de Olivijn Stichting.



Regelmatig verschijnt de Nieuwsbrief van de Olivijn Stichting.

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