The table demonstrates the important properties (in rows) of three basic approaches for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)

Comparison of Carbon Dioxide Removal methods

Indicative characteristics of most important methods only.
Carbon Dioxide Removal approach:Enhanced Olivine weatheringBiochar and similar methodsCarbon Capture and Storage
Impact on atmospheric CO2 levelAs much as neededLimited and only temporal removal of CO2Limited to CO2 storage capacities!
CO2 'footprint'Small (3-4%)Various, depends on technologyLarge (~29%)
Security impactNo risksHigh tech ?Potential leakage of concentrated CO2
ScalabilityUnlimited, but firm logistics requiredLimitedVery big investments
Development phaseProven technology, immediate start possibleUnder development partly operationalOperational in 2020?
Economy, cost of processing€ 12-20 / ton CO2Energy as by-product, costs ?€ 80-100 / ton CO2
Contribution in sustainability strategyNatural process and fossil fuels remainBiomass is an alternative (green) “fuel”Technological process and fossil fuels remain
Additional benefitsCertain applicationsCertain applicationsAbsent