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Initiatives in Carbon Dioxide Removal

Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI) is the coordinating hub for energy and climate research at UC Berkeley

⇒  Center for carbon removal


Blog by Noah Deich | 2014

⇒  Everything and the Carbon Sink


IPCC | April 2008

⇒  Fifth Assessment Report


Committee on Geoengineering Climate | 2015

⇒  Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration


Cooling the planet – Climate engineering

Michael Ashcroft and Andy Parker | 4 April 2011

⇒  Six ways to cool the planet


Rathenau Institute Technology Assessment| 12 December 2013

⇒  Klimaatengineering: hype, hoop of wanhoop?


Forum on Geoengineering

⇒  Google Group about Geoengineering



Atmospheric carbon dioxide level reaches historic high of 400 parts per million

⇒  Imperial College London 10 May 2013


Biogeochemical cycles of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O)

IPCC | 2013

⇒  Carbon and Other Biogeochemical Cycles


Peter B. Kelemen and Jürg Matter PNAS | 11 November 2008

⇒  In situ carbonation of peridotite for CO2 storage


Michael Priestnall in Carbon Capture Journal | February 2013

⇒  Making money from mineralisation of CO2



Jorgen Randers

⇒  A Global Forecast for the next forty years | ISBN 978-1-60358-421-0


Tim Jackson

⇒  Prosperity Without Growth | ISBN 978-1-84977-000-2


Sustainable energy

David MacKay

⇒  Sustainable Energy – without the hot air



James Lovelock | 2007

⇒  The Revenge of Gaia | ISBN 0141025972


Salomon Kroonenberg | 2008

⇒  De menselijke maat, de aarde over tienduizend jaar | ISBN 90-450-1464-5