About the Olivine Foundation


Further develop and research possible olivine applications for CO2 removal on practical use

  • Bring olivine applications to the attention of policy makers, governmental institutions and companies
  • Promote the commercialisation of such applications
  • Execute research projects to assess the practical usability of olivine applications
  • Obtain in as far as possible patents on such applications
  • Promote the public or industrial use of olivine applications by making the research activities public and providing licenses for the use of it
  • Bring the olivine options under public attention
  • Maintain contacts with “Friends of the Olivine Foundation” through a regular newsletter
  • Obtain funding for the execution of these activities

The Olivine Foundation was established in 2009. The Foundation does not receive any grants or subsidies from governments, all contributions from the private world are very much appreciated. In the Netherlands private gifts are income tax deductible because of our ANBI status.

Annual Report

ANBI rapport 2021-2022