We are proud of our achievements so far:


Start of the Foundation



First seminar Friends of the Foundation

Promising agricultural pot and field experiments by Wageningen University Research


Nomination of our proposal by Virgin Earth Challenge ($25 million, 11 remaining candidates)


Planned experiments in Turkey and Oman

Seminar Rotterdam area: From Research to Implementation

Olivine movie in Dutch TV programm (VARA: Kassagroen)


Laboratory experiments University Utrecht

Fire extinguishing experiments

GreenSands: Report Olivine applications in city of Rotterdam (Deltares)

‘Bidbook’ for sponsors and investors

Contribution to “Springer encyclopedia for Sustainable Science” published

Miniconference Foundation’s objectives: ‘has the penny dropped yet?’


Visits for start-ups in Qatar and Cyprus

First experiments on firefighting with olivine


Visit to Oxford seminar ‘Carbon Dioxide Removal Techniques’

Dutch Deltares reports on olivine experiments

‘The Green Cookery Book’ Recipes against climate change and ocean acidification (to be published)

‘Scientific Assessment of Olivine methods’, initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Distribution of latest Newsletter (in Dutch) to ± 200 readers


Publication of the renewed website


Publication of the Green Cookery Book in dutch as: “Olivijn – De Steen der Wijzen” (128 pages)

The translated booklet is now also available: “Olivine – The philosopher’s stone”  ISBN 978-90389 26711

Plans for the future

We are ambitious and want to add many results to this list. We have carrefully planned our strategy to make olivine the CO2 solution.