Applications to put into practise

Olivine and earthOlivine and waterOlivine and fireOlivine and airOther inspiring possibilities
Soil improvement and CO2 reductionTest installation on seacoastApplication to forest, peat and steppe firesUseful for offices and schoolsBetter biogas
Combination of olivine and biocharEffect of ebb and floodDilute serpentine/water mixture for fire-fightingIncreased productivitySustaining sewers
Trial pilots of different compositionPossible algae nursery for biogasSpraying from the ground or from the airLow CO2 management in buildingsRicher rice fields
Monitoring of soil and cropsCooperation with scientistsSpecial reservoirs in threatened areasCato-Filter: "Clean Air Through Olivine"Mitigating all sort of materials
Application on large and small scalesCooperation with producers and fire-fighting institutesCoupled to airconditioning systemsNickel mining
Start-up costs € 350,000Start-up costs € 750,000Start-up costs € 500,000Start-up costs €1,000,000