Developments in application research

Take a look at the world’s third global olivine conference

The first conference was in 2012, the second was organized in 2020 by Climate Cleanup. And the third in May 2021. Climate Cleanup’s 1500 Club Members and olivine experts Pol Knops, Patricia Grasse and Ingrid Smet invited this international line up of experts. Take a look at an update of the latest research (working webinar).


  • Sven Jensen – Climate Cleanup – Introduction
  • Pol Knops -Independent researcherGeneral description of the field
  • Lennart Bach – University of Tasmania – Commencing the assessment of ocean alkalinity in Australia
  • Jos Vink – Deltares – Delft field trials, modeling, marine lab experiments

Mine tailings

  • Liam Bullock – University of Oxford – Carbon dioxide removal potential of waste materials from metal and diamond mining
  • Ian Power – Powergeolab – enhanced rock weathering and CO2 mineralization within kimberlite mine residues
  • Rhys Savage – Cardiff University – Practical laboratory testing methods to assess the dual opportunity for carbon capture and AMD


  • Grace Andrews – Project Vesta
  • Carolin Löscher – University Southern Denmark – Ocean Alkalinity enhancement- what worked and what didn’t work so far
  • Filip Meysman – University Antwerp – Enhanced silicate weathering in coastal systems


  • Jelle Bijma – Drawdown Initiative – Project Carbdown: Multi-scale research of terrestrial enhanced weathering across the EU
  • Emily te Pas – Wageningen University – Experimental research on enhanced silicate weathering and biochar combinations
  • Ruben Gerrits – Fed Institute for Materials Research and Testing – Fungal iron uptake impacts olivine dissolution (Ruben is the winner or the first Olaf Schuiling Price)
  • Sara Vicca – University of Antwerp – ESW pot experiments with crops
  • Ryan Brophy – V6 Agronomy – Material Logistics and Broadacre Application
  • Emily Chiang – University of Guelph – Monitoring Pedogenic Inorganic Carbon Accumulation in Agricultural Soils

If you would like to download the slides, take a look here: