Olaf Schuiling died at the age of 89

To our great regret Olaf Schuiling died this month at the age 89 years.

Olaf was co-founder of the Olivine Foundation. We missed him for a couple of years as boardmember and even more as a geochemical  pioneer in developing and promoting the possibilities of enhanced weathering of olivine removing carbondioxide from the atmosphere and the oceans.

Numerous publications and lectures are the proof a genius mind. His unique knowledge of the earthcrest, a worldwide reputation as scientist and also his critical views made him a unique person and will remain in the memories of all of his followers.

Summary of his career:

  • Utrecht University: Earth sciences
  • Utrecht University (full professor, 25 years)
  • Unesco Water Institute, Delft (part-time professor, 5 years)
  • Initiator of a large number of national and international research projects
  • Leader of a number of development cooperation projects (India, Africa).
  • Dean of the Faculty for two 4 year periods.
  • Supervisor of 59 PhD theses (of which two on the use of olivine to solve environmental problems)