Enhanced Weathering Conference, Olaf Schuiling Prize 2022

May 4th: The latest developments in research on large scale application of olivine, reported by those active in this field. We recommend you to participate in this on-line conference. For more information, program and registration go to https://climatecleanup.org/ew-conference-2022/

The conference will close with rewarding (for the second time) the Olaf Schuiling Award for most interesting scientific research or contribution to the field of enhanced weathering as a natural climate solution.

Project Vesta, Carbon Drawdown Initiative, 1500 Club Climate Cleanup, Pol Knops, Ingrid Smet, Patricia Grasse, Maria-Elena Vorrath, Thomas Hobé, Puck van Dijk, Eva Nummerdor, Emma Vrieswijk, Linda Vosjan & Sven Jens.


0031 – 6 – 129 27 811