May 4, 2022: Enhanced Weathering Conference, Olaf Schuiling Prize 2022

May 4th: The latest developments in research on large scale application of olivine, reported by those active in this field. We recommend you to participate in this on-line conference. For more information, program and registration go to

The conference will close with rewarding (for the second time) the Olaf Schuiling Award for most interesting scientific research or contribution to the field of enhanced weathering as a natural climate solution.

Project Vesta, Carbon Drawdown Initiative, 1500 Club Climate Cleanup, Pol Knops, Ingrid Smet, Patricia Grasse, Maria-Elena Vorrath, Thomas Hobé, Puck van Dijk, Eva Nummerdor, Emma Vrieswijk, Linda Vosjan & Sven Jens.

0031 – 6 – 129 27 811