It is proven since billions of years, this was the main way nature took care of the CO2 balance in the atmosphere.


Large Scale

It can be done on a very large and global scale; demonstrations can be done on small scale and can be up-scaled infinitely.


Low Tech

It does not require complex, capital- and energy-intensive technologies.


Abundantly available

The raw material olivine is abundantly available on all continents and mining sometimes does not require additional or new infrastructure as use can be made of existing nickel, magnesite, or chromite mines.



The process does not result in any harmful byproduct to the contrary.


Positive side effects
  • On land it reduces acidity and acts as a slow release magnesium fertilizer; in drinking water Mg reduces the risk of heart attacks and other health problems.
  • Raising the pH of sea water will bring back more normal living conditions for marine biota.
  • Increased employment in developing countries by mining and using olivine there.
  • Besides ‘the atmospheric cleaning’, olivine projects offer sometimes special advantages with a measurable economic value (see our special page)