The Virgin Earth Challenge is a prize of $25m for whoever can demonstrate to the judges' satisfaction a commercially viable design which results in the removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric greenhouse gases so as to contribute materially to the stability of Earth’s climate.



Thank you to everyone who has sent in applications, this round of the Virgin Earth Challenge has now closed. The deadline for applications was on the 8th of January 2010. We have been undertaking a major review of the existing entries and the science, the social, environmental and governance issues associated with carbon sequestration. As many of you know, 2009 and 2010 has seen a lot of healthy debate on these issues around removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and our initiative naturally needs to reflect these developments.

The Olivine Foundation belongs now to the group of serious candidates for winning this prize.

In March of this year we were visited by a delegation of Virgin for a further analysis of our proposal and as a result of this event the Board of the Foundation was invited in London on October 26th to meet a selected number of the other candidates and to discuss further steps of this prestigeous award. 

See further: Virgin Earth Challenge, and for the announcement of our nomination (Nov. 2011): at Global Clean Energy Congress or at People and Planet.