The board members and advisors of the Olivine Foundation all have experience and knowledge required for the conception of ideas and the technical and managerial supervision of the proposals. There is currently a vacancy for the role of chairman.

Board members:

Olaf Schuiling

  • Utrecht University: Earth sciences
  • Utrecht University (full professor, 25 years)
  • Unesco Water Institute, Delft (part-time professor, 5 years)
  • Initiator of a large number of national and international research projects
  • Leader of a number of development cooperation projects (India, Africa).
  • Dean of the Faculty for two 4 year periods.
  • Supervisor of 59 PhD theses (of which two on the use of olivine to solve environmental problems)

Wouter van den Wall Bake: chairman a.i.

  • Wageningen Agricultural University: International Land and Water Management
  • Long term assignments (12 years) in Southern Africa in the fields of Rural Development and Education;
  • Consultant: short term assignments (20 years) (World bank, EU, Development Cooperation Netherlands) throughout Africa in the fields of Rural, Reconstruction, Water and Sanitation, Higher Professional Education Development and Local Government Development
  • Lecturer (20 years): International Land and Water Management, VHL ( member of the Wageningen UR)

Arnold van Ittersum

  • Delft University: applied physics
  • Akzo Nobel: consulting and senior management positions in chemicals industry (24 years), worldwide responsibility for IT-infrastructure and projects
  • IT business: entrepreneur, bringing a small innovative organization to the market (15 years)

Advisors to the Board:

Peter Sakkers

Industrial consultancy/projectmanagement/innovation brooker

Embark B.V.

Poppe de Boer

Utrecht University: Emeritus Professor Earth Sciences – Sedimentology

Nichol Brummer:

General scientific advisor

Fred Allers:

Communication and Public Relations

Frits van Tuyll van Serooskerken:

Finance and Legal Affairs

Vacancy: Chairman

Are you interested to become our chair person, please contact us.